YATAR CTU, a division of the Israel Police Force, was established to work hand in hand with the various Special Commando Forces to combat terrorism.

The majority of our volunteers who come to YATAR from all walks of life, are specially trained by the Israel Police Force. Additionally, YATAR counts amongst it ranks quite a number of individuals who were trained and served in elite units of the police force and army.


The latest wave of terrorism, primarily perpetrated by acts of lone assassins, requires the ability to capture the terrorists as quickly as possible, prior to committing a terrorist act.  The obstacle which arises is pursuing these terrorists after they have slipped into alleyways of Jerusalem’s Old City, or escaping back to their villages.  This is the main focus of YATAR’s volunteers.  In addition, YATAR does have a “secret weapon,” a compact, all terrain, 4 X 4 vehicle that can maneuver in tight spaces.

YATAR’s volunteer combatants and vehicles will be strategically placed, in full site of all, as a deterrent to potential terrorists. In addition, each member of the YATAR unit is fully trained in advanced first aid treatment.


Mindi Friedman
Mindi Friedman
Geoff Rochwarger
Geoff Rochwarger


Your financial support is vital to help in a most dramatic way combat terrorism.

As YATAR receives zero funding from any government body, ALL equipment, uniforms and terrain vehicles are purchased by fund-raised dollars.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to outfit the volunteers from head-to-toe with appropriate uniforms, bullet-proof vests, helmets, boots, walkie-talkies etc.  Once accomplished, patrols can begin immediately.

Second, is the purchasing of all-terrain vehicles, thereby dramatically increasing the effectiveness of this special unit.